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I've sort of moved on from my obsession with John Wyndham.

I'd read The Chrysalids for school, but didn't discover the rest until this year. Over the winter, I read just about everything he'd ever written, but petered out amidst the early science fiction stories. My favourites were Chocky and Day of the Triffids and I'd recommend them to just about anyone.

Now I'm obsessed with Cynthia Voight, an author who writes a lot of young adult books.

I've got 5 out of the 7 Tillerman novels and I've loved them. I read Homecoming and Dicey's Song when I was a young adult and liked them, but didn't know that there were any other books. They're stories about the resourcefulness of this particular family of kids, whose mother deserts them and they have to figure out how to survive. I loved them as a kid, because I liked anything that was survivalist. Homecoming reminds me of I Am David, by Anne Holm (a book about a boy who escapes from a concentration camp). I always identified with the characters and felt like Voigt did a good job in making these characters and their circumstances real.

Homecoming is the first book to read, then probably Dicey's Song.
The other books in the cycle tell stories that overlap Homecoming and Dicey's Song, but from the perspective of other characters. Come a Stranger is Dicey's friend Mina's story. Solitary Blue is about her (boy)friend Jeff and Sons from Afar is from the perspectives of her two younger brothers James and Sammy.

I'm having a hard time finding a copy of 17 Against the Dealer or The Runner, the last books in the series, but I like the characters so much I might order the books over net.

Has anyone else read these books? What did you think?

I've also read The Callender Papers, which was good as a fluffy y.a. gothic novel, but didn't have the depth of feeling that the Tillerman series did. I've been looking at her new book Orfe, a rewriting of the story of Orpheus and Eurydice. Has anyone read that?

If I'm thinking of reading other books by Cynthia Voigt, what would you recommend?

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